Our Top List of PNW Activities

December 22, 2022 1 min read

Our Top List of PNW Activities

The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful and vibrant region with a lot to offer. Here's a list of some great activities to do around the PNW:

  • Hiking in the mountains or forests, such as Mount Rainier or Olympic National Park
  • Exploring the coastline, including beachcombing, tidepooling, and whale watching
  • Camping in the great outdoors, such as in the Cascades or on the Oregon Coast
  • Whitewater rafting or kayaking on rivers like the Snake or the Klickitat
  • Biking or road cycling through scenic areas like the Columbia River Gorge or the Willamette Valley
  • Rock climbing or bouldering in places like Smith Rock or Leavenworth
  • Skiing or snowboarding at resorts like Mount Bachelor or Crystal Mountain
  • Fishing in the many rivers, lakes, and streams of the Pacific Northwest
  • Taking a scenic drive through the countryside, such as the Mt. Hood Scenic Byway or the North Cascades Highway.

Stay tuned for more ideas for exploring the PNW!

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