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    April 03, 2018 2 min read

    Taking Care of Your Tees

    TeeYou've shopped around, been inspired, and are now curating your own collection of amazing tees. Specialty tees don't come cheap - so it's important to protect your investment so that those tees can be favorites for years to come. What exactly is the best way to care for your tees? We've selected a few easy but important tips that will keep your tees looking fresh for years to come.

    Know Your Tee

    cottonKnowing info about your tee, and knowing it early on, is critically important to not only the feel and fit, but how it will last for years to come. Is your tee traditional or ring-spun cotton? Does it have a blend of fabrics? Did it come pre-shrunk? In a nutshell, the basics on fabrics:

    • Ring-spun fabrics tend to be more durable and last longer than their traditional counterparts.
    • A polyester blend (sometimes called tri-blend when rayon is added to the mix) results in a fabric that has the coolness and lightness of cotton, yet also has the strength and wrinkle resistance of the polyester.

    When in doubt, read the tag on your tee including the materials and the care instructions (especially before cutting out any sewn-in tags) to be prepared for laundry days. 

    Laundry Days

    laundryMost higher quality tees come to you pre-shrunk these days to help with those first few laundry days. The first few laundry cycles are important - it's when you and your tee are getting to know one another. Still, it is important to treat your tee with respect. The following tips will help keep your tee, and the graphic design, looking fantastic:
    • Wash your tees inside out. This helps protect the graphic design from friction during the wash. This is especially important for large graphics, because the friction of washing can cause the graphic to crack and flake over time.
    • Use the gentle cycle. Batch your tees together - they love the company in the wash.
    • Wash in cold water. Like we said, most higher quality tees are pre-shrunk, but cold water will minimize any shrinkage and help preserve the color of your tee. 
    • Dry with care. Hang dry if possible. If hanging isn't an option, dry on a low heat. This will definitely keep any shrinking at bay. 
    • Wear less often --> Wash less often. If there is a tee that you really love, consider buying two! Or stock up on other tees you love to keep your rotation from wearing out, literally. 


    High quality tees aren't usually cheap. It is important to understand your investement before you purchase if you are looking to take your tee with you on future adventures. Don't be afraid to reach out to the vendor before you purchase a tee, especially if they are a smaller, specialty designer. They should be able to answer any questions you have about fit, care, and fabrication. For Pac Nor Westy tees, we love hearing from our customers as they decide on a tee. You can always reach us at

    Much love for the Pacific Northwest!


    Team PNW

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