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Urban Trails: Bellingham

Urban Trails: Bellingham is aimed at those of us looking for an accessible nature outing—trails we can get to quickly, via public transportation or a short drive, that offer a quality outdoor experience without the need for special gear or major effort. These are trails perfect for families, first-time trail users, or athletes looking for a quick fix after work. Urban Trails: Bellingham focuses on the trails and parks in and around Bellingham, including the Chuckanut Mountains and Skagit Valley. Features in this guidebook include:
  • Trailhead directions, including public transit where available
  • “Know before you go” tips for park hours, events, and more
  • Trail distance and high point
  • Indication of best use for walkers, runners, and/or hikers
  • Trailhead amenities
  • Info for families and dog owners
  • Sidebars on area history, nature, or special sights
    • Paperback book featuring 176 pages
    • Language: English