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  • Under the Stars Candle

    Scents can evoke specific memories from our pasts. Adventure Story Candle Co. captures the essence of these memories and tells these tales through scents.

    Adventure Story candles are hand-poured using a natural blend of organic coconut and soy waxes. Each candle is blended with unique fragrances to evoke memories with every burn. The crackling wooden wick adds ambiance and burns cleanly with no added chemicals or heavy metals like other wicks. The scent from each candle is designed to meld with the ambiance of a room - not overpower it.

    Under the Stars Scent Notes

    As the sun goes down, the air turns crisp as the stars come into focus. The faint hint of a distance campfire drifts through the air as you drive along a long-familiar road. Something about the night hits you differently. Perhaps its the smell of the sap from the trees coming into bloom or the twinkle of the stars against the dark sky, but for a moment, you breathe deeply and take it in. 

    • Night air
    • Campfire
    • Forest sap

    Product Details

    • Made with a clean burning organic coconut and soy wax blend.
    • Eco-friendly crackling wooden wick made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood.
    • Hand-poured in a reusable whiskey glass.
    • 8 oz with a 40+ hour burn time.
    • Hand-poured in La Conner, WA