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  • Riverbank Incense Cones

    Adventure Story incense cones are hand-dipped using natural litsea and bamboo charcoal cones along with unique fragrance blends. Incense cones will evoke memories with each burn, melding with the ambiance of a room. Charcoal incense cones burn cleaner than wood or plant matter cones and deliver a more robust scent throw. Each cone will burn for 15-20 minutes delivering scent to your space for hours.

    Riverbank Scent Notes

    • Mist
    • Honeysuckle
    • Leaves

    Product Details

    • Contains 25 natural litsea + bamboo charcoal incense cones.
    • Housed in a sturdy tin container with hinged lid.
    • Hand-dipped in unique, nostalgia-evoking scent blends.
    • Crafted in La Conner, WA.