Oregon Bark: Tom Bumble Nutty Candy

Oregon Bark: Tom Bumble Nutty Candy

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About Tom Bumble

Imagine smooth, sweet, and salty flaky peanut toffee met with crunchy peanuts and wrapped in smooth chocolate. Mr. Bumble is a gentleman best enjoyed in small bits of bites. He enjoys the company of a nice old fashioned, a cozy fire, and a leather bound journal whose blank pages are waiting for a story to be told. 

About Oregon Bark

For 12 years, Anne Smith owned and operated a popular cooking school in Los Angeles. In what was perhaps the most popular class, her students gathered several times a year to make candy. In 2011, after falling in love with a Portlander, Anne sold her business and moved to the Pacific Northwest.

As an environmentalist, Anne had an idea to make candies without using animal products. She started playing around with peanut butter and organic cane sugar syrup and dreamed her candies into existence.

Each artisan candy is vegan, gluten free, and made with as many organic products as possible.

This Oregon Bark product includes:

  • Two bars of Tom Bumble Nutty
  • Each bar is 1.2 oz
  • Made with organic peanuts, organic cane sugar, hand-harvested sea salt, double fold Madagascar vanilla, organic, fair trade chocolate, 66% (organic cacao beans, organic sugar, organic cacao butter, non-GMO soy lecithin, vanilla beans).
  • Approximately 160 calories per bar
  • Handmade in Portland, OR

Purchasing this item supports other small businesses across the PNW.

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