Oregon Bark: Ezra Cash Candy

Oregon Bark: Ezra Cash Candy

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About Ezra Cash

Cardamom and black pepper evoke the flavors of India when blended with cashew butter in our signature sugar technique. The two rich little bars, enrobed in organic, fair-trade chocolate, conjure images of spice markets and chaat houses. Ezra Cash loves Riesling and gin, tea and toddies. Whether shared with a special companion or savored alone, close your eyes and let Ezra Cash transport you to an exotic land, a candy holiday in a beautiful box.

About Oregon Bark

For 12 years, Anne Smith owned and operated a popular cooking school in Los Angeles. In what was perhaps the most popular class, her students gathered several times a year to make candy. In 2011, after falling in love with a Portlander, Anne sold her business and moved to the Pacific Northwest.

As an environmentalist, Anne had an idea to make candies without using animal products. She started playing around with peanut butter and organic cane sugar syrup and dreamed her candies into existence.

Each artisan candy is vegan, gluten free, and made with as many organic products as possible.

This Oregon Bark product includes:

  • A box containing two 1.2 oz candy pieces
  • Made with cashews, organic sugar, organic sunflower oil, sea salt, spices, organic, fair trade chocolate, 66% (organic cacao beans, organic sugar, organic cacao butter, non-GMO soy lecithin, vanilla beans.
  • Made on equipment that is shared with peanut, cashew and hazelnut processing.
  • Approximately 160 calories per bar
  • Handmade in Portland, OR

Purchasing this item supports other small businesses across the PNW.

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