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Octopus Rocks Glass: Set of 2

These rocks glasses are a perfect gift for your favorite hiker, camper, or Pacific Northwest nature lover. Inspired by the mysterious Pacific Northwest octopus, they are perfect for sipping your favorite PNW spirit.Easy to hold 14 ounce Aristocrat double old fashioned glass.

Product Details: 

  • Set of 2 Aristocrat double old fashioned glasses
  • Material: Clear glass with black ink
  • Size: 14 fluid oz.
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Weight: 16 oz

About the Maker

Salty Raven is a gift and art line with "Seriously Cool Goods" featuring Seasons Kaz Spark's original artwork on a variety of high quality gifts. She operates her Salty Raven studio in downtown Tillamook, Oregon. She has a pet seagull named Gerry (He inspired her Flock of Gerrys drawings & Musical Art Book series). Salty Raven began in Portland as a tee design line in 2008. The line continues a tradition of designs that are minimalist with a vintage feel that celebrate nature, architecture & Seasons' favorite destinations.