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Northwest Trees, 2nd Edition

How can you distinguish a Noble fir from a Grand fir? Or a Quaking Aspen from a Sitka Alder? Stephen Arno and Ramona Hammerly will show you how in their classic guide to identifying and appreciating Northwest trees. Arno and Hammerly have been studying and roaming Northwest's forest for nearly 50 years and no other guide on the market duplicates their blend of expertise and visual artistry. Covering Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and north into Canada, they help identify and illustrate over 60 species of wild Northwestern trees by characteristic shape, size, needles or leaves, and cones or seeds.
  • Provides easy to use illustrated identification key based on the most reliable and non-technical features of each Northwest tree species.
  • Features the latest knowledge on the ecology and human history associated with all Northwest trees.
  • Over 250 species with exceptionally accurate drawings and historical photos bring these ancient Northwest trees to life.
  • Paperback book featuring 258 pages
  • Language: English