Mountain Scented Candle

Mountain: A road trip to nowhere, the first sign of snow, a warm fire. Crisp balsam fir mixed with warm amber. 

Brick + Mortar candles are handmade in the USA from pure soy wax. Each candle has a burn time of 48+ hours. The candle measures 9 oz. 

About the Maker

Brick+Mortar started as a source for vintage home goods intended to fill your home with soul and history. In 2017 Brick+Mortar branched into hand poured candles that are made in their Atlanta shop. The pairing of candles and vintage felt natural and was made to create a home that appeals to multiple senses. A cozy and warm home should have an aroma that is inviting and welcoming. Each nostalgic scent is created to remind you of a slower time and to make your home a place of warmth and relaxation.

Brick + Mortar only uses lead free wicks that make for a clean and safe burning candle. With each candle they offer a special playlist created to make the experience of burning one of their candles more sensory (playlist info in each candle package). All of the materials used in their production are made in the USA.