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Great American Northwestern Road Trip Puzzle Book

The Perfect Accompaniment to a Road Trip‚ Real or Imagined. This one-hundred puzzle book also works as a travel guide to help travelers explore the Northwest—through Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming. Stop at Crater Lake National Park, Montana Vortex and House of Mystery, Mendenhall Ice Caves, Seattle museums, the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, and numerous other interesting sites along the way. Whether you're all cooped up or in your coupe, this unusual mix of puzzle book and travel guide will help you hit the real or virtual road and learn about places along the way. Throw it in the back seat and let your antsy passengers have fun and learn. Or make a pit stop, grab a cup of coffee, and puzzle through where you'll go next. 6.84 oz. Author: Applewood books. Format: paperback. Series: great American puzzle books.