Adulting Succs Succulent Pot

These pots are punny! They are also elegant, stylish and perfect for all your cacti and succulents. Made from durable concrete with a white painted finish provide a farmhouse-inspired vibe. Measures 3"w x 3"h x 3"d.

About the Maker

Pinetree Innovations is a fun and innovative brand producing handmade home accents & gifts that have been providing joy and laughter since 1995. There is something special about handmade work. Handmade treasures contain soul, character, and a story. Pinetree's story began with creating their first pieces in the garage of their home and offering them in a local craft mall. They started this hobby to help supplement their income in order to start a family, after a few years, their passion for the hobby has turned into a full time adventure.