4 oz Dulce De Leche Caramel: Sea Salt Vanilla Gift Package

Spokandy's original vanilla pan caramel recipe was created by their founder, Terrence J. Riley, in 1913. This recipe caramelizes the milk instead of caramelizing the sugar. This is the same way a caramel dulce is made. It takes about three times as long to cook; however, the finished product is worth the wait! Dusted with sea salt creating a sweet and salty combination. Individually wrapped bite size pieces in a gift box. Makes a great stocking stuffer or a treat for yourself!

About the Maker:

Tradition plays a daily role in the making of superb fresh candy at Spokandy. The very same candy making traditions are being practiced today as when Terrence J Riley opened his candy store in 1913. Now known as Spokandy, they use the best recipes and select the finest ingredients to create delectable chocolate specialties.

Made in Spokane, WA